Hello helloooo!

I know I have been away but… can you blame me 😋 seems that the sun and warmth decided to become prominent in here (some exceptions still!) but we have to enjoy! As much as I love photography… I need, and particularly now, as much escape and good moments as I can. Work is not shaky, I feel a little lost about everything but I need to live the moment…

Basically I can say a little about these 2 last weeks where I disappeared! Well first I wasn’t far… I was preparing for a conference… I am (still) a scientist and the best part are the conferences when they are organised in beautiful places! I was lucky enough to go to Crete 🙃 I still needed to prepare a poster for presentation… also my dear boyfriend decided that he loves the beach since he started dating a Portuguese girl, SO WE MUST run to the sea when we can! Of course this is a MAJOR sacrifice… but well… what don’t you do for love 😛 So just before the conference in Crete  we decided to visit De Haan in Belgium! It was also the only real option we had… we wanted to see Domburg again but we got beaten by “unspontaneous”… or just spontaneous people that were faster bookers!

Because I am currently in the analog vibe it always takes time until I finish the film, develop, scan and then select… hence the long time no “sea” ahahahah (my dry humour 🙃). Anyway, I have to admit that the Greek trip was not very inspiring… not that the scenery was not good… FAR from it… but being in a conference means sitting inside listening to talks and the little free times were spent enjoying 🙂 but I probably have 1-2 good images in the next films! Soon soon we will go to other coasts 😁 we will go to Tenerife and there I guess it won’t be only analog


But let’s talk a little about these beaches pics!! And why they are special to me!

In one you can see a doggy simply being crazy about the sea! He wasn’t so much understanding what was happening there but was having a blast! Also (s)he was so CUTE!! looked like the love child of a husky with a pomeranian! cutest more excited dog I’ve seen there!!!

In another of the pics you can basically see “him”… the guy that decided to fuck it all to go draw penises in the sand and get sun burned with a freezing wind! 🖤 

The last, and the one I selected to represent these three is for me the cutest… I don’t know if you are familiar with the north see tides… I wasn’t aware for some time that the tides were so different from place to place (hey! the only sea I knew was mine 🙃 anyway… APPARENTLY in the NORTH it appears that the tide goes VERY VERY low at the end of the day full night and starts slowly go up after noon until like around 4-5 it just goes up… and in De Haan it is so flat for a long distance that sometimes you have small little pools that will grew and still have some land before the real water… and when the tide goes up fast… some people get CAUGHT! But these two were not in danger no worry1 They were though… super cute… building this little Kilimanjaro on the beach and then they just had to give up since water was coming… the little man was the most vocal about the disappointment but I feel daddy was broke inside! I mean… I don’t feel the dad was constructing just to please the kid 😁 he was living it too! Then they just decided to stop a little and look at the boat before having to abandon their creation… very VERY sentimental!


Well… I will try to be more active this week since next one I’ll be gone 😍 I will go around a bit some oldies too to check! I have been doing this a bit more seriously for one year and a half 🐘 

Love love love! 😘🖤🐘 T.