Hello World! Yes I said I would come back! Carnival has passed ALAAF!
Now it is time to come back here 😊! WordPress has updated and I am finding my way around it… I really have to learn how to code this is becoming too difficult 🙈!

I will do I will! And I will learn perfect German and everything will work out!
It is amazing how the perspective of life changes so much just as going the way it goes. I had never thought I would be like I am today. But somehow life goes on, and I can do little about it. I make small decisions and just try to predict the outcome and it never comes out the way I thought.

 Anyway!! I have still pics from Paris to edit and other gems but hey! This small collection is everything that is good in this world! “elas” (which means them but feminine). They are so important for me and well can you blame me for being so romantic over them?? I mean, besides the profile pic of myself…

(I really am so grateful that I cannot see this side of me alone! I would freak out! This double-triple chin is genetics, nothing can be done!)…

 But hey let’s focus on them right?!?! come on!!! I do not have to filter out or edit images. Half are unfocused and still they couldn’t be more perfect 🖤🖤 I love them so much! And there is nothing I could ever do to make up for what they do for me!!! Love you!! 

Amo-vos pah!


Love, T.