I am back again!

And this time it is to show new wonders of my beautiful country (that I also discovered not long ago!).

I have to say I am amazed at Portugal. Not because it is my country only. It is just this feeling of being constantly surprised. I grew up listening to everyone complain about life here. Truth is we have a huge population of emigrants out there but a lot of people stay, complain but truth is they stay for a reason.

And they might be different from one to another. Some want the sea near. Some want the food. Some want to weather. Some maybe just don’t want another home although it comes with “defects”.

For a long time I have to admit that I felt hurt. Hurt because somehow I tried to come back (my parents are emigrants) but my choices led me to go out again. And I felt somehow that it was so unfair as I saw others managing to have a nice life there. I felt mad at myself. Because I didn’t do as I should have.

It is fading now though. I am happy where I live but only with the condition that I can come back as much as I can here. So I can kill my SAUDADES once in a while. Deep down I think I just want to be in this limbo and feel Saudade it is so Portuguese…

Here we went on a cloudy day to Silves. Little city with the mural of the castel and amazing stories of al-Mu’tamid ibn ‘Abbad, the son of al-Mu’tadid and D. Sancho that reconquered Silves. We still feel the history there as if it was not long ago…


Love, T.