And it’s Monday again.

What does it mean to you?

Also why do we have to put a meaning and everything? It’s incredible how we find difficulty in letting go… just accept emptiness and the void of significance.

Is it our ego fuelled that is blackmailed into thinking that our own existence doesn’t have a meaning either? (I know I am very “happy” these days!).

If nature can find its ways in the most hostile places, where the soil was burning, erasing life… it made its way back… it refused to give up. Look at the Corona Forestal Natural Park.

We are here, we have to make ourselves fighters again… to survive! We have to survive because that is what we intrinsically do… we survive the best we can…we try and that is why we are. Because no matter the ending, we tried.

Why do impose so much on ourself and then to others too by association? Life is so heavy already, we think therefore we are, and if our life is easy enough to not focus on survival every minute we force ourselves to get to that point where we are the ones endangering our existence by questioning instead of being grateful enough to just be there.

To have been born in the right side. It is incredible to realise how much we manage to poison ourselves without having poison around (at least not real one).

You know, humanity produces its finest art when we actually need it. So many people think it has no purpose at all besides spending money for nothing. But think how a song, painting or image can sometimes provoke a nice feeling inside, especially when we don’t feel so good.

For me,


was this song: 

Esse bom dia que dás

é outro dia que nasce
É acordar mais bonita
Trabalhar com vontade
É estar no dia com pica
É passar com a vida e

desejar-te um bom dia também
Um bom dia para ti
Não que apenas passa

não que pesa e castiga
Não que esqueças mais tarde
Mas o dia em que me digas
Ao ouvido baixinho ai

tu fizeste o meu dia também

tão bom também

Faz também o dia de alguém


Bons dias by Deolinda

You can check what it means…. and check this sweet melody with this sweet message.

You made my day 🖤 Make someone’s day too…

Love, T.