Hello world!! Sorry I have been so detached!

I am doing my PhD trying to finish and get away without murder! If you want to come to spiritual realisation just do a PhD and if you choose an ass as boss you can figure out that the limits that you thought were yours can be stretch so bad! You can cry a lot of times! But you can also start to be the one that values you! I have tons of pics from the vacations but I have been working so long! I come home to almost fell into comas or into catatonic states. Now I decided that I like to paint too… so I try to do as so… and all of that make me a bit absent.

Plus I wanted to publish more but I will have to wait a little as today I leave for Prague (that will have some very pretty pics I guess at the end) but yeah… vacations pics are a bit late but they will come 😗!

As I am writing and I still need to polish up my presentation and make my bag and deal a little with my minor anxiety issues 🙈 so instead of leaving you with the day trip of “le mont saint-michel” I decided to leave you with a day sweetener until I post again! This was Heligoland, an island that is kind of german but decided that their moto is” we have our own flag and we are unverzollt!! (duty free).

Amongst a lot of amazing things, they are colonised… or better they are in seal territory! Well they are wild animals so the fact that some like to pop up next to you when you are in the water freaked me a little, because as they are my spirit animal in land, in water I can’t keep up with elegance and speed! Also they are WILD animals!! So yeah, cute but stay thereĀ  😉 anyway, they are the cutest family sunbathing team EVER! So here you go, one of the trillion pics I took while histerically exploding saying “they’re so cuuuuuuute!!!”.

So enjoy your shot of cuteness!!!


Love, T.