Hello! What about escaping the last heavy posts and bring some smiles there. Although I smiled at my last one, I was happy with myself. ☺ 

Today I want to write a little. But I want to try to make an essay about the releases we can make even when things are not good! Yeah you thought I would still touch a sensitive subject? think again, I am the one writing here ahah!

Of course what I write is about myself. These photos are my inspiration for the talk here, but this is not about them.

Just a little reminder of how AWESOME ANALOG IS!!! I mean, come on! Three photos the three are absolutely perfect! There is no 100 others to compare and discard. These are the ones and I just cannot imagine better ones. Also big hand ups for the girls that saw me with my camera and just were their BIG AMAZING SELF! Because we are 4D people! three dimensions over time! We are more than a poster in 2D! And the real beauty is in the REAL moment and place! And these ones are just PERFECT! 🖤 Am i right? 😍😍😍 I am sorry but I am just in love about how these moments wee captured so truthfully!

Another small coincidence! My spotify discover decided to put this in the list and I am loving it! It takes a fool to remain sane from the Ark! 🖤 Does make sense! 🙃 So what I wanted to discuss a little about! The preconception that the face of depression is a sad one. Not only you are sick but since is a mental health issue that NO ONE can relate to because it is a very personal disease… you have to be sad all the time. SAD IS NOT DEPRESSION! Just like cancer is not just a tumour. It is a complex problem. People: depressive people can smile. Depressed people can laugh. DEPRESSION CAN HAVE HAPPY MOMENTS.

I want to fight for this. I really do. Because the DE-stigmatisation of this can help people, it really can. So I WON’T SHUT THE FUCK UP!

You don’t like it? Just close the page, it won’t chase you it’s fine. You, you want to hear it? Then I will say it to you! If you are struggling and you feel confuse because you know or you have been diagnosed with depression and somehow are confused by the preconceived definitions and what you feel? It is ok. As I said before and I borrow this quote from Andrew Solomon, depression is not the opposite of happiness. Depression is the opposite of vitality.

With depression you have moments where life is not a priority just like our basic instincts tell us to survive, when you have a depressive episode, you don’t want anymore. But depression is made of episodes. Certain can be very long, certain can pass. They can be triggered and reduced. Some people need activities, a friend over with a glass of wine and silly gossip, some need medication.

You see, our brain is what makes us, us. A brain that does not work properly can make you see and feel things that aren’t there. It can make you love or hate. It can accelerate your heart rate, it can even alter your insulin levels. It can fragment to multiple personalities to save your life from a trauma too big to bear. A brain is powerful. It is also unique. And can have some issues. Everything we do see and feel makes the brain fire a reaction. Some people find ways to make our brain hurt less, some can’t. There is why you need medication finely tuned!! So next time you comment on something about people that have depression can’t laugh, well WE CAN!

 We let ourselves heal a little! We are living with this, and we are living as much as we can! Take the swing! Embrace your beautiful imperfections, even the ones hidden in you! They are what makes you, YOU! Love yourself always a little more! If you can’t today it is ok too!


Love, T.


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