"...I just try to work with my vision more than the technique. And I am so in love with the analog, I just want my vision, a bit of luck and the planets alignment to get to an extraordinary image..."... Read More
"...This brain never stops working, and always tries to fill in the gaps. I think first it tries to find the people you know that are closer to fit with this angle you are seeing, you make a human pat... Read More
"...We let ourselves heal a little! We are living with this, and we are living as much as we can! Take the swing! Embrace your beautiful imperfections, even the ones hidden in you! They are what makes... Read More
And just like this it was KARNEVAL! We said alaaf (some dared hellau!) we drank we danced on schlagger songs and we went home at 20h because here it starts at 11:11. Hope you enjoyed you carnival! Fro... Read More