Don’t you ever just want to scream “I’m here”. Over there!

As “I” your own person.

I mean, not as “another one”, as “me”, the only version, the only edition, just this one.

I feel with all the social media trying to celebrate individuality we just created categories… multiple but we still have to follow a model. Like there is always a better version that we can be. More creative, more active, more productive, taller, cuter, more “liked”, the perfect one.

Today I am in that phase. The phase that makes me want to SCREAM my lungs out that I have the same right to exist as me as everyone else, that my “difficult personality” of not liking hypocrisy and not following the cult to appear as the perfect community, is somehow “uncomfortable” to others.

And so?

If you have nothing else to do than blame me for the small “imperfection” that darkened your day I must tell you that your life is pretty cool.

So just live your life. I know today I am a bit more in the extreme part but some comments or ways of saying things without saying them can get me crazy if I am in the “right” mood.

Tomorrow I will go for my mental cure, my place among the ones that make me feel that me is perfectly imperfect and that is just the way I am supposed to be.

We are allowed to disagree, we are allowed to have different opinions different reactions to the world. But it doesn’t do anything against the love we have for each other.

Because we need to be challenged. We need to represent a spectrum of things. This kind of forced fight into turning the world into what we consider the “perfect way to be” being from religious beliefs to moral codes to the way we present ourselves is just wrong.

And I am not the only one saying it.

I mean, open a history book or the history section of wikipedia. The wars, the imposition of dictatorships the extremes it got into because we suppressed individuality to force upon people codes that were thought perfect. But when we entered philosophical complex situations, they were forced to make a rule. And the rule was sometimes wrong, the rule led to murder, to slavery, to torture.

The initial ideals got out of hand because they wanted to force their ideals on everyone.

And what happened most of the times? The impositions fell down because we had to fight to become ourselves again. As we grew in the middle of lava like this flower. Where she shouldn’t be. Where it was doomed impossible to. But she is there. In the middle of hardened lava. She grew stronger than the rest of the world.

Individuality is our most precious asset.

Everyone is irreplaceable and everyone is valuable.

Everyone has something to offer, and we are all allowed to not be perfect, because we already are. Just the way we are.


Love, T.