What happens when you are absolutely in love with the place you call home and you talk always about it? Well, what happens is that you friends want to see it! OBVIOUSLY! Then what did I have to do?

SHOW Porto around!!

 It was an interesting experience I have to say! When I go to Porto I do it as a therapy. I escape to my safe place. I rediscover it but in my way. I don’t work on a schedule. I don’t HAVE to do or see something. I just hear myself and hear the city. This time, I was somewhere else, it’s like I was seeing it through someone else’s eyes. Things I have seen through other reasons and times were revisited. Other places were discovered through spontaneous decisions. I was basically visiting a place for the first time again. I must say it is awkward. It is, and will always be the place I call home, but this time it was like being somewhere else.

Porto is so beautiful, but in the last months it got so much filled up with tourists!! I mean, don’t get me wrong, my country has gone through a very bad phase, and the tourism explosion has helped a lot. I am very glad but I can’t help to feel that I lost a little my own little piece of heaven. I always loved it, I always valued the treasures we have, and we will still have them because not everyone wants to get adventurous and explore the non-english speaking part of it. So I guess I will still have that!

I still want to dicover the world and more of its treasures, but at the end, home is always where I feel in my place.


Love, T.