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Hello! Another round of exciting development…

But even when you do something you like, you can actually feel not so good. Mood swings… right! From what I remember the “swings” used to be fun. This is… “interesting”. I blame the current news to mess with me, and with some sensitive people that may pay attention. What a lot of people “forget” or just don’t want to know… is that this is cyclic! It’s not the first time we were in crisis, and I mean also kind of “end of the world” situation. Nevertheless, it was the edge of this… we barely knew the real damages… or at least we pretend not to, because the big one was in a war situation, so “forgivable” for some minds… (still… no!)

Then Chernobyl happened… soon we saw… and no nationalism or foreign country/culture was to blame… we were responsible for our misery (and of course when I say “we” I just mean the “comfy” people). Anyway… It seem that we might just have forgotten some things… and now we have “children” in front of dangerous things… the world doesn’t feel empathy unless you see someone “like you” suffering… the more we advance, the more we see… people become insensitive to REAL suffering… not distinguishing it from a movie or game scene… is it?? Because I see a lot of movies, with deaths and blood and “played” suffering… But I come to tears if I see the video shot by a phone from afar… and see a REAL person die… How can we not feel it… how don’t we shake and panic over how easy it is…

These days… I feel trapped… and sometimes I feel like I am trapped with everyone, but somehow I am the only one realising it… I might be aching from that… but I will rather keep my empathy… it is me… and I feel it necessary…

I was lucky to have a ¬†nice visit of the government Bunker in Ahrweiler, where I had the chance to have a private tour… made me realise how we would made everything for survival… even though it is doomed… promised to fail and completely unnecessary… but we won’t put as much effort into avoiding this… We live in a bad world… but I am sure I am not alone… and as long as I believe that… there is a tiny little chance (statistics!)

Love, T.

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