My personal treasure. My golden prize. That I don’t need to steal nor to guard. That cannot be taken away. That will stay many years after me. The place I can go. Just to be. To meet myself, again and again, after times of separation.

A place, so stable and so ferociously unstable, that brings my inner balance to the point. The view I respect and I love. The reminder os my insignificance, yet always accepting my all.  It doesn’t care for posessions or appearances. It exists and gives you peace.

You know it will be.

No matter what the men do, it will be.

Furious? Happy? or just reactive… it’s a force, that we gave meaning to, always realizing that no matter what we will do it will simply be. It won’t change. Never. We will change.

And after quests,wars and blood for power and shinny jewels… we can paint the walls of our prisons with gold… But there will never be a gem, so valuable yet impossible to own… only in your memory, only for the moment you capture the feeling in your mind. This will be forever my treasure. My golden gem. My reality and my dream.

Porto, mais do que uma cidade…

Love, T.