Hello!! Gorgeous people! I came back from the vacations 😭 BUT!… darker skin means happiness, means it  happened but it will fade! t’s almost like a drug, you will eventually need another fix soon!

(Actually I am already craving it!)

I just love the sea!! The beach, it comes to us so naturally though… take bf for example… I met him and he was all like “I am not into the beach culture and stuff…” well it only took him one walk along the beach for him to fall for it.

Another example would be the kids. Have you ever stopped and took a look at the small ones at the beach? Nobody had to sell them how awesome it was… it’s literally just a release in the wild!


Amazing how it was just a border, something that used to keep populations apart and confined and suddenly, when we caved in, we could almost not get out anymore! I strongly believe that the beach has some amazing and complementary ingredients to make so many people go there and some even stay there forever. I mean you surely know or heard of people that just left their lives for that.


☀ 🖤 

Why is that? everyone has its own definitions so I would just say what I believe plays a role in these decisions…

The sea is a natural border, it makes you feel in which place you are. You are at the edge of the world, you are next to home and the unknown. The weather is unpredictable but so constant at the same time, you can relate to a human temper! It goes to extremes without going there.

It is also what you can call a free pleasure. It wouldn’t require a statues or a defined salary to enjoy it. You clearly spend money to get there if you are not there… and advertisement sells you accessories to it but if you are there you just don’t need anything but yourself and the sea. This wilderness, back to essentials, to what makes you do your introspection about what you want. Because you need to think about this. NOT what you are supposed to feel or do or your PURPOSE. If there was purpose it would be for everyone, so just take a look around… it’s not. So enjoy your life and try to make your lucky time, the best. And sometimes, the best we can feel is to make this place better for everyone. This is  because we are social animals, so the best for the community is at the end, biologically relevant, hence we feel a sense of reward 🙃 just saying… think about it… think why some things just feel good… normally it has logic behind it! 😘 

The last point I want to make in regards to the sea, is itself: THE SEA, THE OCEAN. It’s there, majestic, strong and sweet. Also, it reminds us how small we are, because we are. We can make and achieve so much but we need to know our place. At the end, we are all human, we are all mortal, and we cannot control everything. If you doubt me, just jump in the ocean when it’s FURIOUS and you’ll let me know 🙃 

Well, I feel I wrote a lot… so… let me know if you disagree or agree or anything 😘🖤 

I want to go back though…


Love, T.