Hello world…


how is it going? I have been super distant. I don”t know how to explain. I just have followed whatever I want to do… I am not a professional anything so I do not need to follow a schedule, I do not monetise on my posts and I do not have a huge following.


I have been postponing my publications also because I feel I haven’t traveled so much as I wanted and I also took on art and laziness so it goes a bit unplanned.


Right now the world is changing. It has already changed, and as I colleague and friend said… it will never be the same again.


This Christmas, as one of the biggest outbreak I ever experienced in my life was beginning, I spent a lovely week in Vienna. A charming city, that exhausts you because there is so much to do!


It is beautiful but I have to admit that when I left I thought that there was still so much to say but I was seriously exhausted! I was really tired, I couldn’t be more touristy!


And that is when I realised that Vienna is definitely not my top city to visit but I guess that is one of the fews where I thought that it must be nice to live here! So historical and so dynamic!


I leave here some of my captures… as a way to share a memory that is meant as calming and beautiful… hoping that some kind of normality will come back.


As I re-watched these pictures I realised how angry I was at “all these tourists” (which I was part of but hey! who never said that while touristing??? throw that rock out of the window I don’t care!




Now it is with nostalgia, as I know it is right now no more like that, and probably the paradise for photographers…


I leave you with the crowded nostalgic view I have once hated and now long for…


Take care of you please!