Sun has been proven to affect us in many more ways than we originally thought.

In fact, it is not only related to the production of vitamin D. We, as diurnal mammals, are in very much trouble if we don’t get our dose of sun. Skin issues seem quite logical but our brain is what gets completely messed up if we don’t get it.

But what happens if we do?

Isn’t it just magical? the stress levels go down, as if, we fought for the better days and here they are. No more trouble should arise, right? If we can just enjoy the sunny rays, refill our vitamins and get the glow we found lost a year ago… release our inhibitions and just let the longings consume themselves and be.

The task of walking the dog becomes suddenly not a chore anymore but a pleasure. We spend more time out, and we even find pleasure in looking at our small companion just be.

You can just look at your someone and realise that this is a perfect moment to appreciate, and kiss. In the middle of the alley. Just because.

And why not? It is, in fact, just perfect. If we are so keen, as a species, to display our bad moods, why shouldn’t we be even more demonstratives when it comes to happy and relax? Don’t you think?


Love, T.