Hello WORLD! I have to get organized with my posting! Life is so overwhelming these days that I am exhausted but incredibly happy and excited! No excuses of course, I want to post more often! I just have to find a way to get it fast but good so summer can still be enjoyed! And today the theme is WARM.

Why warm? Because it is Germany and it was 34C. This is not the usual range here! It was a warm day! And I will NEVER complain about summer, it is just that with no AC, life can start to be slow!

And with slow pace, the mind wanders… and for me it goes often to my place with my persons… last time, we were at Virtudes.

Oh meu Porto.

Although life didn’t let me stay there, I feel that by leaving you stayed permanently in me. There is something special about you.

And of course my Joanas…

My unbelievably amazing persons!

For a warm day… Virtudes is the perfect place to see it end.

🐘🖤Love, T.