Are we?

This post is not about religion. This is not about a religious or spiritual belief. This is about our humanity. Weird hein? how we take everything for granted. I somehow grew up believing in a lot of stories. Some lost into my growing knowledge, some secretly kept in a corner of my mind. I slowly came to realize the ugliness of our surrounding. This is not just stating the obvious, I am also fueling a lot of what is wrong. I don’t want to find excuses, I know it, I try my best (believe it or not). But I try. I really do.

In the years I grew up to have realities, smack me in the face. I couldn’t bear really with everything, and I surely wished I could wake up and just ignore it. And sometimes it works. Or I try to find comfort in one good thing I did this day. In every case, it is difficult.  found comfort in logic and in knowledges that could be challenged and confirmed. I found comfort in science, because I have to learn beforehand the limitations of the knowledge, so if a major change is discovered, it would always make sense, because this is not the search of a comforting illusion, but the attempt to come as close to the truth. Maybe that is the reason why science appealed to me so much. You still have the soul of an artist to orchestrate the search for your truth… but the truth itself is not a made up dream.

Drifting again… Anyway I think this helps you to get me better 😉

What I wanted to go to this post is that we are not intrinsically bad. It is against nature to destroy ourselves! We are social animals, we should preserve our species. Instead of that we divided ourselves to conquer and gain pour making us and everyone else belive it was ok. It is not acceptable to wish for the death and suffering of others. We should stop. We should live our lives the best way we can, stop making the more successful person the responsible for your lack of luck or failure. Why do we always need a culprit, we need a reason… but can we stop a moment and think then which is the reason for the horrors that everyday innocents go through? Why should we have a reason and them not?

Now let’s have a look on that pic. This was taken in Dublin, Ireland , at Christ Church.

This is a statue. It appears to depict a homeless person, as hundreds, that sleeps on a bench. This, only, should already provoke something in you, because of this situation. The lack of shelter, why does a fistful of individuals possess several and large properties and millions sleep on the street? (and don’t come with the laziness argument, because a lot of the “wealthy” inherited and work way less than the average full-time worker). But this statue is on the grounds of a church, so it tries to appeal christians to a deeper level. You can see on his feet the open wounds, suggesting that the homeless man is in fact Jesus.

Now, you can diverge into your analysis. This could point out that we need to help, regardless, because the person we help might have a story that we can relate to. But this also could suggest, that jesus is in every one of us, i.e. we all deserve equal respect for our life, regardless of our social position, belongings or story. We all deserve kindness. We are the same. The differences we see are a perspective. We are humans, races don’t exist (true story, biology!!).

In a world that is shamelessly showing this most disgusting thoughts, I want us to be choked, to be outraged and to treat all this hate with it’ real opposite. With love.

You might say it’s cliché, but it’s true. These people are achieving their goal by provoking rage in the best of us. And I hate to feel this way. I don’t want to hate. I want to be in peace. I want to feel the strength and will to educate these people, not to make them suffer because that is not what I root for.

Outside of religion and personal beliefs, let’s just agree that peace is the way. Let’s take this image and take out the reality of this message. Be kind, you don’t know how someone get to a certain point, but this shouldn’t matter. We should just help the best we can, by compassion and by education, by trying a solution to the real problem. Let’s be kind, please.

Love, T.