It is not in my nature to put something out that is shared. We are together, and somehow we opened the door for another parallel universe. we kinda start growing this place where it’s not about what we want alone. It’s harder than it looks. And it’s tiring to get to hear all the same bla… yeah it’s not always easy but let’s face it, it’s kind of nice! And we have to always keep in mind that it has to be like that… and not hang on memories like a lot of people do… like we did in the past… we haven’t succeed in a relationship so far… but let’s try. Because there are some things that make “us” awesome! We are so nerdy… we tell the worst jokes and we laugh at them like it’s not even allowed to. we like to go out and we surely love animals more than humans. We share compassion and enjoy pure laziness especially when it comes to cooking (although we are both very good in the kitchen!) we read in silence together and we battle to choose the next song in the car (you don’t like my happy songs and I don’t like angry pigs 😛 but we love a lot of other stuff together). We love to travel and you allow me to shoot you all the time and wait for me to patiently take a good shot 🙂 We disagree on so many things but agree on a lot. We learn a lot with each other and I end up screaming a lot for small details that started with a curiosity on the wikipedia page! We have fun together and we get bored together. But eventually… what mkes us good for the other… is that we allow our individuality! I still enjoy traveling by myself and I love that you don’t mind… In the end… we don’t know where this might end up to be… but we like it without knowing… so let’s just do it… <3

Love, T.