Hello world!

Long time I know but preparations for summer vacations means also kind of subconscious overload of work. Yes, that is how a scientist’s mind works. We beat ourselves up all the time because we SHOULD BE WORKING ALL THE TIME! How sad is that? How can’t we just do our 10-12h day work and just chill? Nooooooooo let’s just fucking beat ourselves up all the time!!!


Seems that I found in my self some hidden motivation to do things although my life is still stagnating… the boss continues to not do anything for me so…. so far it’s oly a loss of 3 months. I mean 3 more of this waiting period and the year ends youhouuuu! (sad, sad, sad, very sad.)


Lets talk a little about this pic. This is a “failed” photograph. Thing is when you want to shoot a moment in a hurry sometimes, things get messed up! And you know what? I love it. It is the realism of my pics. It is not supposed only to be a small painting of a single frame, it is supposed to gather as much as the moment as you can. In that case it is a beautiful double solo moment with two people in their own mind sets just sharing the same moment. So I rushed to take it. Because an untouched, unplanned moment can be so beautiful.

And my rush got imprinted in the image I “stole” because my love for this moment had no time to wait. So it’s blurry. But you can guess it, the beauty of the image is still there, and my enthusiasm for it is there.

And I just love it, don’t you?

When the moment is pure and untouched by the consciousness and vanity and shyness and all?

What do you think about the current photo-mindset of the world?

About the “strike a pose” when I see an objective?



Love, T.