Why does everyone have a feud with Monday?

At least on Monday you are supposed to be rested. You wanna talk about Wednesday? That is the real challenge! You waisted almost all you energy (already) but you are as far from Monday that you are from Friday. And although You will be more dead on Thursday and Friday, you don’t have the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps you going on the last days.

Wednesday is the real killer here.

It’s the half time when you just give up and get out of your bike to walk. It’s the middle exercise of your training that you skip. It’s the reflection time when you consider filing as your win (although I also have other thoughts on that, maybe this will be talk for another post!).

Monday shouldn’t be as dark as everyone paints it. First, I am not sure AT ALL that the majority has Monday as “Monday!” I could just say a big number of jobs and lives where you don’t start the week on Monday, some people don’t really have weekends per se even!

So just because it’s school and admin work shouldn’t be generalised.

Second, for those that have Monday as a Monday, if you are a normal adult that takes 2 days to recover alcohol, you should have gone out on Friday and basically stayed home all Saturday and Sunday in bed so you should be completely rested!

Then what happens really Monday? Talks about the weekend, basically the morning is gone (if you are not social here is a good reason just to pretend to be!) So you are rested and work half day!

Is Monday that bad??? 🙃


Have a good week!

Love, T